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Task Chairs

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Global Graham Task Chair   Global Granada Task ChairGlobal Mallorca Task ChairGlobal Ride Task Chair  Global Scale 1,2,3 Task Chair
3144                                           3212                                   2780-3                                 2601-1                                  3022-3

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Eurotech Multi-function Task Chair    Eurotech Multi-Function Task Chair     Eurotech Multi-function Task Chair          Eurotech Multi-function Task Chair
FM5505                                                  49802A                                       1701                                               FM4080

Eurotech Task, Draft, Guest Chair     Eurotech Task, Draft, Guest Chair     Eurotech Task, Draft, Guest Chair
MT5241                                                 FT4547                                           MT9400

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Fairfield Armless Swivel Chair      Fairfield Armless Swivel Chair        Fairfield Armless Swivel Chair
1069-35                                                 1042-35                                           1005-35

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Boss Chairs

Boss Task Chair   Boss Task Chair   Boss Task Chair  Boss Task Chair  Boss Task Chair
B1002                                          B601                                       B580                                    B781                                      B750

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Sit-On-It F/X Task Chair     Sit-On-It TR2 Task Chair       Sit-On-It Non-stop Task Chair
F/X                                                        TR2                                                  Non-Stop

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AllSeating - Task Chair - You - Highback  AllSeating - Task Chair - Inertia AllSeating - Therapod - Basic HighbackAllSeating - Task Chair - Fluid

84112-T2-BK-10B-F1-1521                                         78140-T2-FM-NBLK-F1-1521                                 55390-AT-D-SS-F1-1521                             81012-T2-10B-10S

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